Zudos, The Social Media Aggregator


Zudos bills itself as “a tool that allows you to easily monitor what everyday people and the media have to say about any desired topic”. If you’re in a hurry, it’s a social media aggravator. 3 out of 5 searches I performed timed out. Maybe it is really people powered as it takes forever to get results.

Just type in your query, and Zudos returns results from Youtube, Netscape, blogs, flickr mainstream media etc. This might be useful if you’re checking to see what people are saying about a technology or if you’re into reputation management. For me, opening new tabs in Firefox and performing my own searches was less painful.


  1. Another one is serph.com

    Just tried Zudos, it worked quite well for me.

  2. DG

    I just tried another query. After three minutes, still no results. It just finished. Took four minutes. My query? ‘reddit’ sans quotes. The results are good. It’s got the 10e20 story, it’s got a bit posted at Reddit about Reddit and from the mainstream media, the story about Reddit being overrun by mob rule.

    If it were faster, I’d use it.

  3. Damn my ‘ibegin’ for being so unpopular :)

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