Gunning-Fog WordPress Plugin Now Available


If you run a WordPress blog and you’d like to get an idea about the readabiliy of your posts, my friend David Gagne has written a Gunning-Fog plugin for WordPress that automatically determines the Gunning-Fog score for every post you write. Visit his site for the download.

  1. That’s ace; I’ve been looking for something like this a while.

  2. DG

    Hello Andrew, I’m sure that David will appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have. I was thinking that it might be handy to average the GF score for an entire blog, or a selected number of posts.

  3. Kirby

    Very cool. I want to run it against copy developed using Glyphius and see how it scores.

  4. DG

    Heya Kirby, how do you like Glyphius? I’ve heard some good things about it.

    Would be interesting to see the results of successful ad copy and the GFI.

  5. Kirby

    I haven’t used it yet. I decided this morning to test it out for some client copywriting and I came here looking to see if you had any past posts on Glyphius.

  6. This seems pretty cool.I will test it in due course because my WP blog is now overloaded with plugins

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