Walk Around Back


Here ya go, the view from the back yard. Just click to enlarge. If you decide to share the view from your place hit me with a pingback or a comment.

For some reason, posting these pics breaks the layout in IE and I have no clue why. If there are any gurus out there that know why, please enlighten me. Only seems to break in IE for some reason, and testing layouts is the only reason I ever use IE.

Now, I’m taking the day off. ; )


  1. try inserting at the end and let me know if it works (remove the spaces obviously).

  2. dammit, the code got removed. ok, try inserting (lesser than) br clear=”all” (greater than). let me know.

  3. DG

    I think if I write enough text that the problem fixes itself. Let me know if it still looks broken, looks okay in my browser now.

    Thanks for the code by the way.

  4. Ah, it looks peaceful. I’m jealous.

  5. DG

    On a clear night, you can smell the stars and after dark, the only thing you hear is the crickets.

  6. Sometimes, the only thing I hear is Cricket. :)http://flickr.com/photos/flippyo/18798173/in/set-337767/

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