Bye Bye Froogle, Hello Google Product Search

Google finds another way to clutter up their search results.

Now, Google Product Search will still be a site for searching shopping listings only, but the most relevant listings in Product Search will also appear in the main search site in a “one-box” area above the organic results, which are the most relevant unpaid search listings. The one-box area snags results from other specialized Google search sites, like Google News.

Greg Sterling said that the change reflects Google’s new, grown-up attitude,

And it reflects a transition of the company from one that had a whimsical attitude about its products to one that’s more serious about itself and its products.

But my favorite quote was this one,

Smith said he thinks Google Base is a threat to shopping and other vertical sites, but doesn’t think toppling them is Google’s goal. “Google just wants to organize the world’s information. They don’t care where it’s from,” said Smith.

All too true, they don’t care who owns the copyright to the information either. Far from maturing, Google has turned into the grabby toddler of the business world, snatching every thing in site, leaving fingerprints everywhere and shouting, mine! when confronted with troublesome issues like copyright.


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