Dialin’ In

No apologies here for not posting, I’ve been learning some new techniques, like instant response dial-ins. Titles, words, all the best. I will share everything I’ve learned.

Want to be a better blogger? Look for tomorrow’s post, which, has nothing to do with the dial-in sessions but has everything to do with discipline and becoming a better writer. Easy eh? It can be. Stay tuned…


  1. You tease and you tease, but it’s now May 3, everywhere but Hawaii, and you’ve still left us hanging.

    Hey, I just started listening to the new Tori Amos album and she has a song titled “Digital Ghost”. Is there something you want to tell us?

    Find me there in it
    I won’t go even if in
    Your heart only beats ones and O’s

    (the song just came out, so the lyrics still seem to be something people are sure about – one place had it as “Your heart only beats once”. heh)

  2. DG

    Sorry about that, I’ve actually had to commute for a few weeks. Interesting suff though and I’ll certainly share.

    >.Digital Ghost

    I’ll have to buy that one, just to have it. More competition on my nickname though. ; )

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