Would you Like To Become A Better Blogger? Get PostWisdom

It doesn’t matter what you blog about, grabbing and holding your readers’ attention is always a priority. With that in mind, Yoav Ezer has created an excellent Firefox Plugin that will help you write better titles, create more informative and interesting blog posts and even help you out when you find yourself out of ideas.

In his words,

“Imagine reading an article about blogging from your favorite blogging guru. After a couple of sentences you become excited. The article is really good. It contains an amazing technique. A technique that will make you a better blogger. Using this technique, you immediately whip out a shining blog post.

When it’s time to write another post you use the technique again, and again the results are great. But since you don’t want to be monotonous/boring, you avoid using that technique for a couple of weeks. And then a new really good article captures your attention and the old technique is forgotten.”

Lots of good advice in this plugin, found in excellent posts all over the Web and now gathered together and available to you with a click.

Check out PostWisdom and make sure to give Yoav your feedback. You’ll find advice from ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, Successful Blog ChrisG and more. (I may have a post or two linked in there as well)


  1. dvg

    nifty. I’ll have to check it out.

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