Yahoo Hires Economics and Sociology Professors To Tap Social Media Market

This announcement serves to show that Yahoo isn’t going to give up and allow Google to grab all the markets, it also shows more sophistication than I thought Yahoo possessed.

Yahoo has assembled “the largest group of academic-level economists in a corporate environment since Bell Labs,” McAfee said. “We’re not focused on immediate product development, but on where we see these markets going…(The Internet) is the next frontier of the application of market design in the real world.”

Watts said his areas of interest include “trying to understand how social networks and communities evolve over time, how people influence each others’ behavior and how people find things that are useful.” Story

The question is whether Yahoo can coordinate well enough to be effective, and whether they are flexible enough to implement their ideas while they’re still useful. I always perceive Yahoo as a lumbering behemoth, perhaps walking in the right direction, but so slow they can’t arrive in time to have an impact or garner leadership.


  1. aaron wall

    I think they have too many internal customers and broken brands to pay attention to the research results.

  2. What do you think of the rumors about MSN & Yahoo collaborating to take down the Google behemoth?

  3. Hey, where are you?

  4. DG

    Hello there! I had some learnin’ to do. 3-4 years ago the discussion was about whether the alphabet really exists, now it’s about a mother language and quite a bit more on IR science, cellular automata, etc.

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