Silver Surfers Seek Out Downloadable Audio Books

I don’t really know how to use an MP3 player, but I know enough to know how to do this,” said Jim Burgin, 67, of Brentwood. “My grandson, my grandchildren — they have that all down, but I don’t.”

The Brentwood library has created a program, with federal funding, to teach older adults how to download the audio files and operate an MP3 player.

Libraries across the country are seeing the trend and encouraging it.

And since libraries have great respect for copyright, the program makes sure that the copyright owners are compensated;

Libraries obtain the digital files from services that pay the authors and publishers a fee for their use. Downloaded audio books are treated like other books: When they are checked out, via the Internet, they are essentially off the shelf and no one else can download the file.

That’s how books should be made available to the public. Is there a lesson for Google to learn here?

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