Link Love – It Must Be Unconditional

I was recently asked, What is the best method for acquiring links?” Other than buying them, here ya have it:

1. Write compelling content that others will link to. (this method can take quite some time, and unless you can write compelling content, you’re stuck with buying content rather than links so why not just buy the links?)

Here’s my favorite-

2. Link out freely. Others will respond in kind. Then guess what? Other people will follow those links to your site and some of those people will link to you.

If you want link love, link unconditionally, no expectations. Praise someone rather than trash them. Link to blog posts, be positive. Search out quality content to link to. Make intelligent comments on other peoples’ blogs and they just may read your content, and link to it.

Simplistic? Yes. Effective? Yes. You’d be surprised at the number of people that would rather send some spammy link exchange request rather than take the time to link to someone else, praise their content or their insight.

By linking freely to other sites you’ll eventually acquire lots of one-way links to your site. Not from the people you link to obviously, but from others that will follow links made by the people that you’ve linked to. All you have to do is link freely and thoughtfully. Give it a try.

Or you can pour some derision on someone else and follow in the path of many so-called master baiters… ; )


  1. Truer words were never spoke.

    BTW — I see you’re still linking to the old SEO Theory URL. We moved the blog to earlier this year (before Matt Cutts told people not to use “wordpress” in their blog URLs).

  2. DG

    Thanks Michael, I changed the link. Lots of information at your site. I plan on spending some time this weekend reading it.

  3. Kudos for your helpful information. I honestly took pleasure in learning your posting.

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