Seeks Answers to Google’s Algorithm Changes

Answers Corporation announced today that, due to a search engine algorithmic adjustment by Google, has seen a drop in search engine traffic starting last week. As a result, overall traffic is currently down approximately 28% from levels immediately prior to the change.

Looks like it’s time for to create a PPC budget. Changes they make now could makes things worse but inaction isn’t an option. Their agreement to buy couldn’t have been more timely.

“This change only demonstrates the sound business rationale behind our agreement to purchase, because it underscores a primary motivation for the deal: to secure a steady source of direct traffic and mitigate our current dependence on search engine algorithms

I have to wonder if they have a record of the changes they’ve made to the site over time and what correlations they may find, if any.

At 2:26 EST stocks are down 12.91%.

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  1. your_store

    Yeah, I’d say it’s time to starting bidding on every term in :)

    It’s amazing to see the power that Google wields these days. We’ve all been on the wrong side of an update I’m sure, but to see 12% of a public company’s cap blown away.. amazing.

  2. DG

    I was really surprised at the drop. That had to make some people really nervous.

  3. And with Google tightening its linking rules once again, it should only continue to get worse for many more sites.

  4. Juan Diego Calle

    Unless they’re already out there, it will be interesting to see SEC filing disclosures in the near future that say “WARNING: More than 10% of our revenue depends on on source: Google traffic.”, and how that will affect company valuations. Hmmmm.

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