Tracing The Origins Of A Children’s Rhyme

I’ve been looking for the origins of a particular rhyme for years, I’ve never seen it in print, only spoken or sung, but I’ve heard it from people that live in different parts of the country.

Old Co-Sheepy

Where’s your little lambie?

Stuck in a ditch and it can’t get out

The buzzards and the flies

Are pickin’ at its eyes

And the little lost sheep is hollerin’ maaaaammeee

Keep in mind that I’ve never seen it in written form, so the first line could be;

Old Coal Sheepy, Oh Koh Sheepy, or something similar. Ever heard it?

What does this have to do with search?  Try to find it on Google.  Odd spellings can be tough to find, and I’ve heard this rhyme often enough to think that it would find its way to the Web in some form.


  1. What, blog burnout again? At the very least, post your reading list. :)

  2. DG

    Heh, it’s not burnout, it’s lack of time. Watch for that to change after the end of this month.

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