The Quest For Immortality

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ~ Susan Ertz

That quote came to mind after reading some newsbyte yesterday in which a doctor claimed that the average human lifespan could be extended by as much as thirty years within the next two decades.


  1. You going to Pubcon? I can’t afford it (and for the price, BlogWorld was much much cheaper & geared way more toward my interests), but maybe I can stand outside and eavesdrop, and gather secret SEO intel. Ah, the benefit of living where others gather to trade industry dirt.

  2. Why extend a failed experiment? I’d be happy with just a few more moments or encounters of “living in the now” or “life lived in the now”.

    Someone got it quite right, in an inexplicable way, when they stated “we only live in the now”.

    How rare that is and, when that is – that sense of being fully alive in the here and now, of fully encountering a moment or experience – how eternal such encounters are.

    10 more days, well and truly lived and loved, than 3,000 more days of somnolence.

    If only we could crawl out of our skin. ;-P

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