Are You Reading The Search Marketing Standard? Try It Now at 67% Off The Cover Price For An Entire Year

syndicatedcoverI get the majority of my news online, but I have to admit, I enjoy getting a trade magazine with real paper and ink.

In the winter issue I was happy to find an interview with my good friend Chris Winfield over at 10e20. Don’t forget about Nick Usborne and Using The Power of Urgency to Increase Online Conversion Rates.

Eric Ward is in there in Staying White Hat in a World of Gray, as well as Kim Kraus Berg and Milind Mody.

If you don’t currently get the Search Engine Marketing Standard, I have some good news for you. Right now you can get a one year subscription for just $4.95 if you live in the States. $6.60 if you live overseas. Just click this Search Marking Standard subscription link and enter HOLIDAY67 as your subscription code and you’ll get an entire year’s subscription and they’ll donate $1 from every subscription to Toys For Tots.

Tis the season everyone, get the Search Marketing Standard at 67% off the cover price for an entire year, and help give a needy child a gift this Christmas! Act quickly, the offer expires at the end of this week.


  1. Thanks Dean – glad you enjoyed the interview. The folks over at SMS are really good people…

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