Google-Doubleclick Merger-Denied! European Lobby Says No.

With great foresight, the European Commission realized that Google dominating both search ads and nonsearch ads is a bad idea.

The lobby group also said that the merger would place the online advertising market in jeopardy because the combined company will dominate both major “pipelines” for online advertising–for search ads and nonsearch ads.

“There are many ways in which Google, post-merger, could push up prices for advertisers,” BEUC said.

While privacy is a major concern, it’s the impact on advertisers’ pockets that’s most likely to prevent the merger from taking place but does anyone really want Google to have access to that much information? As well as quite a bit of control over ad pricing?

The FTC of course, thinks the merger is fine. It appears that Google has learned the ropes with regard to lobbying and special interest groups. So it looks like we’ll have to deal with the Googleopoly. They will be able to drive ad prices up, kill sites that sell advertising that don’t follow their guidelines, (nofollow) and create almost perfect profiles of surfers so they can better target their ads.
Reuters Story


  1. 1 Kid Mercury's Blog

    Google-Doubleclick Merger-Denied! European Lobby Says No.

    The FTC, however, has approved the merger. Of course, the real story here is how the European Commission is deciding this issue — an example of how much power supranational entities have taken from n…

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