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Jessica, my teen guest blogger is out with flu. She’s not alone. Some schools that were able to remain open are reporting more than 50% absenteeism which greatly exceeds the 20% rate needed to close the school. As soon as she’s well she’ll be bring you more posts on what teens are up to on […]

Hello everyone, Last week I asked 28  students if they would write a short essay about what they do online, how much time they spend online and how they communicate with their friends. It was originally due today but because of the flu my teacher gave everyone until Monday to complete the assignment. Nearly 30% of […]

My teacher asked some questions (in 5 of her classes) about cell phones, online time and access questions and here are the results. 1. Students averaged 68 text messages per week. The high was 131, the low was 24. 2. 72% of students said they spent more time on the phone or texting than they […]

Jessica will be posting on Thursdays until the end of the school year. As for me, I’ll be posting at random times on a daily  basis.

Chris Winfield asked some questions last week and I asked my class for some help with some of the answers. 1) How do you feel about video ads on YouTube (as they are now like Boost Mobile)? I don’t really care for ads, they seem out of place but they aren’t as bad as those […]

She’ll be celebrating getting her temporary driver’s license with her family. ; ) I can almost remember being that young…

Christmas break is over. :( I know that everyone thinks that music is #1 but we trade music at school, mostly rips from CD’s that we buy at the mall. Going to the mall with friends to buy CD’s is more fun than sitting at home downloading songs. I get in trouble for buying ring […]

My guest blogger Jessica returns tomorrow to let us know what teens buy with a mouse. Yes Jessica, the holidays are over. ; )

I didn’t have anything ready for tonight, today was kind of a rush since it was the last day of school before the holiday, but luckily, Michael (Graywolf) had some questions ready for me. Which websites do you visit and how often (digg, netscape, reddit, stumbleupon, myspace). What are your favorite things to do there […]

Windows Vista finally launched to a lukewarm reception, PC prices are at the lowest point they’ve been in years, even laptops are available now for under $600, but I haven’t spoken to a single teenager that’s interested. What are they interested in? Smart Phones, and yes, the newly launched iPhone. As I’ve reported before, teens […]