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Launched a New Blog

Actually, it was an effort to prove to my kids that a website can be launched for free, get traffic and possibly, earn some income. (trying to motivate them to get started in the business)

Anyway, it’s devoted entirely to words, definitions, word origins, neologisms, curious phrases, and eventually, to copywriting. And, I can keep this blog free from posts about words, and get back to SEM and SEO.


If you notice any display problems, please let me know. Was having some JS issues. I’ve checked it in IE and Firefox and it looked okay. Except when I log in from the uni, and for some reason, the CSS doesn’t get pulled and it looks terrible.

Back From The Dead

Yet again. Like a phoenix from the ashes… err, more like recovering from a really bad case of burnout. If you don’t know, I write for more than one blog, and I needed a vacation.

Playtime is over though. At least for another year or so.

Ohio State V. LSU


Groan. :(

It was difficult to watch the second half.

I recorded the game. Anyone want a DVD-R coaster?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thought I’d personalize it a bit with my new Fly Fusion pen. hny

Here’s to a wonderful and exciting new year. May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be at your back.

Review of the Fly Fusion pen will be coming shortly. ;)


I’m not dead, I haven’t retreated to a mountain in Tibet to chew Yucca leaves nor have I left the industry.

In fact, I’ve been busy looking for a new project as one of my longest running challenges has finally been brought to completion. It was a long, hard road and after it was all over I felt lost and decided it would be best to take some time off and find something else to pursue.

Days turned into weeks, then months but I’m back and looking forward to writing here once again, on topics that are relevant to the SEO/SEM industry. Many thanks to the six or seven people that have waited so patiently.

I know it has happened to you. You’ve been in the middle of a conversation or a debate on some issue, and someone has dropped an old dead guy quote on you and then smiled that smug smile as if to say, ‘Well, Spinoza said it, so it must be correct.

Yessiree, if some old dead guy said it, it must be a fact, no need to argue further. In fact, the older the ‘wisdom’, the better eh?

Why am I bringing up the reputed wisdom of old, dead guys? Because I stumbled across a quote today that was just so wrong that I had to start writing about it before I had even finished my first cup of coffee.

If you look to the right, under the “Quote of the Day” heading, you’ll see my RSS feed for, well, the daily quote. Today, Sunday, the 22nd, it was a quote from St. Augustine,

“The purpose of all wars, is peace”.

The absurdity of that quote forced me to swallow, in a hasty manner, the aforementioned, unfinished, but quite hot, beverage. This hasty swallowing led to much sputtering, coughing and spewing of this same beverage, which resulted in a premature cleaning of my very cluttered, but still useable desk.

Yes, the purpose of all wars is peace. That makes so much sense to me now that I know some, revered, dead saint said it. Forget religious or ideological differences, forget ego, or something as base as greed. The purpose of all wars is peace. And the early bird gets the worm.

What do early worms get…

And yes I wondered about the context of that quote, I also wondered whether he was trying to be humorous. Were saints allowed to have a sense of humor?

I’ve been really busy lately, so I had to find a way to gain some more time. So I started by eliminating feeds from my RSS reader. What did I cut?

Every feed that regurgitates news, comments on news, has nothing but opinion on news, etc. There’s simply no reason to hit 3 fora and 30-300 blogs all letting me know that Terry Semel is no longer the CEO of Yahoo.

So I started looking for ‘actionable’ items that get posted and it was no surprise when I found that very little of what is written around the Web is news you can use. I’m not going to list each forum or blog, but do yourself a favor, run down the list of blogs and fora you read regularly, take a look at the headlines and see how much of that news you can actually use.

I’ve also made a decision not to post the types of items that I found were simply consuming time without offering up something useful. So if you see a ‘news’ post here, call me on it. ; )

That’s not to say that won’t post items that I find odd or interesting, like words with interesting origins or definitions,  but there won’t be any ‘Google buys yet another company’ posts.

It has been weeks since I’ve had time to write, so hold on while I do some ‘splaining.

A young woodcutter had just married the granddaughter of an old lumber jack and was determined to prove his worth in the eyes of the old man. As they headed into the woods for the first time together, the young woodcutter was eager to start felling trees.

Soon the woods were filled with the sounds of ringing axes and falling trees. After an hour or so, the young woodcutter noticed the old man sitting on a stump mopping his brow. Smiling, he continued swinging his axe.

Throughout the day the young woodcutter noticed that the old man would take a rest every so often, sitting quietly on a stump for a few minutes. Every time the old man rested, the young axeman would swing his axe faster.

Before dusk, they both stopped to tally the felled trees. The young woodcutter was amazed to find that the old man had felled more trees than he had.

“I don’t understand”, he exclaimed, “you took several breaks, sitting on a stump, and I continued working all day without a single break”.

“How did you fell more trees”?

The old man replied, “While I rested, I sharpened my axe”.

Thank you for having the patience to sit through my little paraphrased story. I needed some time to sharpen my axe.

Information retrieval science is moving forward, lots of people are interested in what Google and Yahoo are doing now. I’m interested in what they will be doing a year from now, or two years from now. Hopefully our interests will collide. ; )

Dialin’ In

No apologies here for not posting, I’ve been learning some new techniques, like instant response dial-ins. Titles, words, all the best. I will share everything I’ve learned.

Want to be a better blogger? Look for tomorrow’s post, which, has nothing to do with the dial-in sessions but has everything to do with discipline and becoming a better writer. Easy eh? It can be. Stay tuned…

I’ll be attending an ontology workshop until Tuesday evening. Lots of words on how to use words to organize words. In the meantime, be on the lookout for words and phrases you should avoid. I spotted one this morning.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates launched a charm offensive in Moscow Monday aimed at overcoming Russia”s fierce opposition to Washington’s plans to extend its missile defenses into central Europe, AFP reported.

While it’s not quite offensive, it certainly isn’t charming.