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At least, it found its way into the Double Tongued Dictionary. The site says the phrase is “yet to be researched”. Earliest mention I can find is June, 2003. Anyone see anything earlier than that?


I didn’t know about the SEMMYS until I found a reference in my referrals yesterday, so I had to check them out. Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM has been busy. Very busy. So go check out The SEMMYS, and make sure to read the posts Matt has bookmarked over the last year. You’ll find a lot of good reading there.

Oh, and make sure to vote for your favorite posts from the list of nominees. Below is a timeline for the award process:

January 14/15: Official Launch
January 21: Judges’ deadline to decide category finalists
January ~23: Finalists announced; public voting begins
January ~30: Public voting closes
February ~1: Winners announced

Nice job Matt, and everyone else involved.

Oh yeah, I was nominated in the Rant category. There are some fantastic rants in that category, so the odds that I make the list of finalists are slim but it was a pleasure to be nominated.



If you don’t know the story of SCE to AUX, you’ve missed what might be one of NASA’s finest moments. During the Apollo 12 mission, 36 seconds after liftoff, the craft was struck by lightning. Astronaut Conrad said that “Almost every warning light that had anything to do with the electrical system was on”. Sixteen seconds later, another discharge struck the craft.

At mission control, John Aaron, a flight controller in charge of the electrical system, lost all the flight telemetry on his screen. Mission Control had mere seconds to decide whether or not to abort the mission. In the midst of the chaos around him, John Aaron remained calm and in control.

He had seen the exact same thing occur nearly a year before. In a clear voice he said, “Flight, try SCE to AUX”. Pete Conrad, the flight commander didn’t know what John Aaron meant. Neither did anyone at Mission Control. Alan Bean knew exactly where the switch was located and flipped it to the ‘AUX’ position. Telemetry was immediately restored.

It was John Aaron’s extensive experience that provided a solution to the problem. For years he had lived and breathed his job, consuming every bit of knowledge that might be relevant to the mission and the lives of the astronauts that he was responsible for.

And this story was my answer today to the client that called and wanted me to handle his PPC campaign. I told him he needed an expert. He said that he thought I could do it, or that maybe, he could do it. And I said, “Maybe, but an expert will know exactly when to try SCE to AUX”.