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In little more than a day you can take your pick of stories that best fit your opinion of the Microsoft bid for Yahoo!. Once you get past the Microhoo and Yasoft jokes, you can find everything from How The Mighty Have Fallen to Futures Jump on Microsoft/Yahoo Potential Merger to Why Microsoft’s Bid Helps Google, IBM and Apple.

From The NY Times,

Today, Microsoft lacks both the weaponry and the nimbleness to compete with Google. Its operating system monopoly gives it no advantages in this battle. People can use Microsoft’s operating system and browser to get to the Internet — and to Google — or they can use Apple’s.

Yes, that’s true. But aside from Gmail, Google has very little in the way of destinations in their lineup. How many millions of queries are made with the goal of using Google’s search engine to arrive at a Yahoo or Microsoft property?

The blogging world is abuzz with news, comments, flames, opinions and the deal hasn’t taken place yet. Want to feed your thirst for opinion? Start here. 5,167 entries in the past 12 hours. Lots of opinions here at Webmasterworld as well. Not content with one story, Search Engine Land had five on the subject.

Many discussions center on the perception that Microsoft is evil. And with 1,690,000 results, it looks like a lot of folks think Microsoft is truly evil. Then again, check the results for Google is Evil

Innovation you say? Microsoft doesn’t innovate? Take a look at Google’s product offerings and apart from search and AdSense, where is the innovation?

As for me, I’m going to try to ignore the ordeal until the merger takes place, if it takes place. What happens after the merger is what I’m interested in.

This announcement serves to show that Yahoo isn’t going to give up and allow Google to grab all the markets, it also shows more sophistication than I thought Yahoo possessed.

Yahoo has assembled “the largest group of academic-level economists in a corporate environment since Bell Labs,” McAfee said. “We’re not focused on immediate product development, but on where we see these markets going…(The Internet) is the next frontier of the application of market design in the real world.”

Watts said his areas of interest include “trying to understand how social networks and communities evolve over time, how people influence each others’ behavior and how people find things that are useful.” Story

The question is whether Yahoo can coordinate well enough to be effective, and whether they are flexible enough to implement their ideas while they’re still useful. I always perceive Yahoo as a lumbering behemoth, perhaps walking in the right direction, but so slow they can’t arrive in time to have an impact or garner leadership.

More on the mobile marketing front, this time from Yahoo, pushing to build more revenue sources that are independent of the Web. Noticing a trend yet?

Yahoo Inc. will sell branded advertising aimed at mobile phone customers outside the United States as part of the Internet powerhouse’s efforts to build other revenue sources beyond the Web.

The new mobile marketing platform to be unveiled Monday will deliver image-based ads to mobile phones in Mexico, Canada and 16 other countries in Europe, Asia and parts of South America. Full Story.

Now if voice recognition software was only where it needed to be…

While the numbers aren’t huge, continued gains indicate the consolidation that Live and Ask would like to disrupt.

Google has increased its share of the U.S. Web search market to 47.4 percent with a gain of 0.4 percent during December, while No. 2 ranked Yahoo also edged higher, a survey said Monday.

Web audience measurement firm comScore Networks said No. 3-ranked Microsoft’s share slid 0.5 percent to 10.5 percent of U.S. Web searches while InterActiveCorp’s’s share dipped 0.1 percent to 5.4 percent.

Currently, there are two major players and all the other engines can be classified as ‘also ran’. They simply aren’t contenders. My personal prediction is that Live and Ask will never become contenders and it’s up to the next generation of garage innovators to shake up the industry. Playing for parity simply isn’t enough to make users switch.

Rivaling Google and Yahoo results, while being a noteworthy accomplishment, won’t generate the excitement needed to knock either engine off its perch. Are we awaiting search 2.0?


Hey, everybody loves Web 2.0, even if it’s not here yet. Buy Myspace. Buy Facebook. Buy Web 2.0. Seems to be the directive of the Dot.Boom 2-oh crowd…

Err…. MyBlogLog looks like Myspace for geeks. Ooh look… avatars.

The rapid adoption rate has been impressive though.  Has promotional surfing already begun? People pushing their avatar? Does Yahoo simply want more data on bloggers and the blogging community?

Just noticed this post about Yahoo’s Tagging Patent Application on the WordPress Tag Surfer. The patent application is certainly interesting.

Metadata may be associated with media objects by providing media objects for display, and accepting input concerning the media objects, where the input may include at least two different types of metadata. For example, metadata may be in the form of tags, comments, annotations or favorites. The media objects may be searched according to metadata, and ranked in a variety of ways.

And take a look at the entities owned by Yahoo!

* Butterfield; Daniel Stewart; (San Francisco, CA) – Flickr, Yahoo! owned
* Costello; Eric; (Astoria, NY) –
* Fake; Caterina; (San Francisco, CA) – Flickr, Yahoo! owned
* Henderson-Begg; Callum James; (San Francisco, CA)
* Mourachov; Serguei; (Sunnyvale, CA)
* Schachter; Joshua Eli; (Mountain View, CA) –, Yahoo! owned

And while it appears that currently, this would apply to images and audio objects, the ‘software for tagging’ falls under the patent. Kudos to Timo Heuer for the heads up.

How many tagging systems are out there? The tag soup on a lot of blogs suggests that there’s a quite a few. This seems to cover the ‘method for applying a label to any object’. Rather broad. Would this extend to ‘public methods of  categorization’?