You may know me as DigitalGhost, DG or just Dean, and I’ve had SEO blogs before, but never while I was independent from clients or a company. Without fear of offending a client or revealing company intellectual property I can finally speak freely. I can make my research public and I have more time than ever before to conduct research.

Some patents are in the works, the long-promised book is coming along nicely and the research is promising.

What you won’t see on this blog: Advertising. Of any sort. You won’t see paid reviews or requests for donations. I don’t want to make a penny off of this blog.

Linking Policy: I link to stories and blogs I like. Period. If I link to you, it’s because I found value. BUT, if I put a link to your blog in the blogroll, and you don’t update your blog at least once a month, I remove the link. No news is good enough to rate 30 days on the front page.

digitalghost (at) gmail (dot) com

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