1. Is it true that you read a book every day?

A. Yes. But that doesn’t mean I read a weighty tome every day. I can read a Louis L’Amour novel in about an hour, I might read something like Purple Cow and short paperbacks while I’m reading something like A New Kind of Science over the course of a week.

2. Why a WordPress domain? Why not have your own?

A. A couple of reasons – I wanted Speaking Freely and it simply wasn’t available. I have no plans to monetize my marketing blog and WordPress doesn’t allow advertising, so that seemed like a perfect fit, and I have other domains, and other blogs, keeping this one hosted at WordPress seems to create a separation that I enjoy. And I’ve said for years now that it’s about the content, not the domain name.

3. How many dogs do you own now? I’ve heard you had quite a few.

A. Right now I own two. Molly, an Australian Shepherd, BorderCollie mix, and Ransom, a full-blooded Boxer that steals my pillow and sleeps at my feet whenever possible. He goes everywhere I go  and thinks the truck is his. As well as the couch, my side of the bed and half of any sandwich I happen to be eating. I even share popsicles with him

4. Is this an SEO blog?

A. No. And Yes. SEO is a small part of it, as I complete more research I’ll share more of it, but I like to cover marketing news, the social web, linguistics, semantics, etc. I really just wanted a place to keep in touch with the industry, but more importantly, be able to exchange words with people I consider friends about topics we’re all interested in.

5. What other blogs do you own?

A. Sorry, but I’m not saying. ; ) I will be firing up a model RR blog in the near future but I still have a lot of work to do before I begin. I have a blog on religion, religious theory, politics, (notice those taboo subjects ?) history and literature.

6. You make it a point to mention that you live in the country, so why do you prefer the country over a city?

A. Space, I like to have some elbow room, and People. People are much nicer in the country. Neighbors actually speak to each other, they know each other’s kids, they wave when you drive by, they call to ask if everyone is okay after a storm, and they’ll help you mend your fence or build a barn. They like to have conversations. ; ) And I can step outside and shoot clay pigeons whenever I please.

7. What’s the biggest secret in SEO?

A. It requires work. You can talk about theory forever, you actually have to work to accomplish anything though.

8. How do you measure success?

A. I haven’t “clocked in” anywhere in nearly a decade. I set my own hours and I can step outside and stare at the cows whenever I choose.

9. Why don’t you attend conferences?

A. Ah, the big ‘is he really a ghost’ question. I had some personal issues that kept me from attending three conferences. After that, I simply made a decision to keep working the way I’ve been working since I started. And I really don’t like large cities. A short stay is okay, but I prefer trees and pasture to sidewalks and skyscrapers.

10. Is it true you wear a cowboy hat?

A. Yep. I own several. I also have boots with spurs, a holster, saddle and more than one six-shooter. ; )

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