Ontology Workshop – Out For Two Days

I’ll be attending an ontology workshop until Tuesday evening. Lots of words on how to use words to organize words. In the meantime, be on the lookout for words and phrases you should avoid. I spotted one this morning.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates launched a charm offensive in Moscow Monday aimed at overcoming Russia”s fierce opposition to Washington’s plans to extend its missile defenses into central Europe, AFP reported.

While it’s not quite offensive, it certainly isn’t charming.


  1. My favourite word never to use is ‘gifted’

    God that ‘word’ makes me wanted to puke and if I ever find the person who decided to turn a noun into a verb he better start running because he’ll be gifted an operation on his manhood with a very blunt rusty instrument.

  2. Hey, your workshop is over with – come back here and tell us what you learned.

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